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FemBioBiz Training: ‘How to reach new markets using digital platforms’

FemBioBiz Season 4 aims to provide training to female-led enterprises on how to reach new markets using digital platforms.

The Division of Science, Technology, and Innovation (DSTI) and Female in Biotechnology Business (FemBioBiz) is calling for applications for training in FemBioBiz. FemBioBiz is funded by AUDA-NEPAD SANBio with the support of the BioFISA II Boost Programme, a Finnish-Southern African Partnership Programme to strengthen the SANBionetwork.

The FemBioBiz season 4 focuses on training for resilience and imparting skills and knowledge to enterprises, academia, students, government and civil society on how to use technology to support their enterprises for scale and impact. The premise for the outputs and activities conducted stem from the fact that IF skills and knowledge is provided to regional stakeholders on the use of technology and innovations as the world transitions to the new normal, THEN all tiers of society can work together for economic transformation and no one is left behind. Some of the outputs will address issues of gender, youth and equality through existing SANBio Programmes such as FemBioBiz. For the past 3 years SANBio and its partners have delivered the FemBioBiz program, and a survey of the coordinators has shown that for higher impact the businesses would need to trade more on digital platforms.

Target audience of Season

The program targets female entrepreneurs and students with a business involving biotechnologies and other technologies in health or nutrition under the following categories:

  1. Innovative Businesses – Entrepreneurs whose business is based on innovative biotechnology or other technologies that impact health and nutrition.
  2. Growth Businesses – Bio entrepreneurs whose business is at a minimum of R500 000 and are looking at growing their business twice as much within a year.
  3. Social enterprises – Private bio-businesses or bio-enterprises with impact targeting the base or bottom of the pyramid (BoP)
  4. Female students in tertiary institutions – With feasible ideas based on innovative biotechnologies or other technologies that impact health.

Scroll below and fill out the form to enroll in the training or call the Division of Science, Technology, and Innovation on tel: 4303072 or 4303078 for any other inquiries.

The training is from the 5th to the 9th September, 2022

How do you apply?

The deadline for application is on the 31st of August 2022.

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Comments (2)

  1. Veilma Joubert
    August 19, 2022

    Dear Sir or Madame,
    Pre-Covid i started my small business but then same went dormant. I would like to attend any trainings that you may have to relaunch same and maybe spark some new interest. I would like to improve the use of the social network to create innovative solutions and enablement for my business. Looking forward for any assistance that you may provide.
    Thanks & Regards,

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