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FIRST Global Challenge 2021 Team Seychelles receive Cubesat kit

Team Seychelles 2021, comprising a group of students from different schools, were yesterday presented with the Cube Satellite Kit, a project which is essential to their participation in the fifth FIRST Global Challenge. The group which include ten members, namely, Tahani Malbrook from Anse Boileau school, Rebecca Talma from Beau Vallon school, Yannick Hollanda, Mikhail […]


QualiREG Article about Felix Xavier Estico

Xavier Estico est actuellement Directeur général de l’Institut national des Seychelles pour la science, la technologie et l’innovation (NISTI). Il occupe ce poste depuis 2014, suite à la création de l’institut. Xavier Estico débute sa carrière en tant que professeur dans le secondaire spécialisé en mathématiques et en sciences jusqu’en 1983. Il décide, ensuite, de […]


FIRST Global Challenge Team Seychelles presents tidal energy project

The ten-member Team Seychelles who are partaking in this year’s virtual FIRST Global Challenge, yesterday presented to a panel of professional stakeholders their project for the solutions challenge. The global competition, which this year has a record 175 participating countries, was officially launched virtually on June 27, with a series of mini challenges for participants […]


2021 First Global Challenge Team Seychelles is all set for it! |22 July 2021

Article Source: https://www.nation.sc/articles/9839/2021-first-global-challenge-team-seychelles-is-all-set-for-it Once again this year Seychelles is preparing a team to take part in the First Global Challenge to take place virtually from June 27 to September 18, 2021 under the theme ‘Discover and Recover’ ‒ a-theme closely linked to the ongoing global health challenges posed by the Covid- 19. Team Seychelles will […]


Africa Code Week Challenge 2021

NISTI’s role in STEM Education: The STEM Program was officially launched in March 2019 by National Institute of Science, Technology and Innovation (NISTI). The program seeks to promote Science, Technology, and Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) education among young people and to equip them with knowledge and skills that will eventually be useful to them in […]