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WELCOMING REMARKS BY CEO-NISTI MR.XAVIER ESTICO. Protocol: Mr. Symerre Grey-Jonson, Director, Technical Cooperation and Programme Funding, African Union Development Agency – NEPAD, Ms. Anneline Morgan, Senior Programme Officer – Science, Technology and Innovation, Directorate of Industrial Development and Trade (IDT), SADC Secretariat, Prof. F. Tagwira, Secretary for Higher and Tertiary Education, Innovation, Science and Technology […]


3D Printer Donation

Article Source: TODAY Newspaper Earlier this month the National Institute for Science Technology and Innovation (NISTI) received a 3D printer on behalf of the Johns Hopkins University through Dr.Ralph Etienne-Cummings, PhD. On 25th Feburary, a virtual meeting was set up by Etienne-Cummings alongside NISTI’s Chief Executive Officer (CEO) Xavier Estico. The Seychelles professor, who recently […]


NISTI making progress on three science, technology, innovation projects | 16 June 2020

Source: Seychelles Nation Newspaper Remarkable progress is being made by the National Institute of Science, Technology and Innovation to realise three key projects to boost the country’s capacity to ensure a more coordinated approach to the management of its research, research findings, access to data and to prevent duplication all in relation to science, technology, […]


Seychelles now ranked 44th in First Global Challenge | 09 October 2020

Source: Seychelles Nation Newpaper A souvenir photograph after the meeting (Photo: Thomas Meriton) Team Seychelles is now ranked 44th in the First Global Challenge following an overall final assessment by the judges of all Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) projects handed in by 175 participating countries. It was the chief executive of the National Institute […]


Nisti shares opinions on drone technology | 20 April 2018

Source: Seychelles Nation Newspaper A representative of the National Institute of Science, Technology and Innovation (Nisti), among other public/private organisations, participated in the training and as the local body responsible for technology transfer, adaptation and adoption, Nisti shares its own knowledge and opinions about drone technology in Seychelles.   Q: What is a drone and what […]


First Global Challenge virtual competition | 11 December 2020

Source: Seychelles Nation Newpaper Team Seychelles rewarded for excellent performance Students who formed part of Team Seychelles at the First Global Challenge virtual competition held in Dubai between June 27 and September 25, 2020, have been awarded with their Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics projects certificates of excellence. Tanmay Raghwani (Independent School), Russels Arachchi (Beau […]