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Team Seychelles ranks 3rd in the FIRST Global Robocco Challenge, 2023.

For those that don’t know, the FIRST Global RoboCo Challenge is a virtual challenge that tasks teams from around the world with playing RoboCo on their computers, capturing their best attempts at each round. There are three rounds in total – Qualifiers, Playoffs, and Finals. Those teams that score in the top half move on to the next round with the winner of the finals crowned The 2023 Season Champion.  In the game, teams build and control robots to conquer tricky challenges inspired by real world robotics applications.

The school players from the Seychelles Team who managed to climb to the 3rd position among 44 other countries were Denis Hoareau, Farah Jean-Louis, Elgar Faure, Nathan Morel, Jaeden Ernesta, and Maryam Henrie. Mr. Joseph Raj, the Principal Research Officer for Innovation is at present working with the kids for the play-off competition.

Skip to the 46m00s to watch how Team Seychelles climbs to third position. BRAVO Team Seychelles!!



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